Firearms Simulation Training


Most people know that commercial pilots are required to log a certain number of hours inside an aircraft simulator each year. Why is simulator training so important? Because it allows the pilot to learn and practice maneuvers and procedures that may be too dangerous in the real world, such as a sudden loss of power. It’s also much less expensive than practicing in a real aircraft.

Those are some of the same reasons that the military and law enforcement have relied on firearms training simulators for more than 20 years. They allow frequent practice, and because no real ammunition is used it is less expensive than range training.

Laser Range uses the same technology found in simulators used by military and law enforcement, but it has been designed and priced to make it accessible by everyone. 

Simulator Components

Laser Range uses the same five components as all firearms training simulators:

  • Computer – the brain of the system
  • Software – to create targets and environments
  • Projector – to display life-sized images of the simulation
  • Camera – to track laser “shots”
  • Laser Training Device – a gun configured to fire laser light instead of bullets

In basic terms, the computer and software work together to create targets and environments which are displayed on a wall or screen by the projector. The shooter fires at the targets using a laser training device. Shots are detected by the camera and relayed back to the computer, which calculates shot placement and responds accordingly.

Advantages of Simulation Training

You can bet that large departments and agencies wouldn’t spend $100,000 or more on simulated training unless it offered some serious benefits.

  • Simulation training allows you to practice anytime, anywhere
  • Practice a variety of skills in a completely safe environment
  • Save money on ammunition, range fees, and other associated expenses
  • Because simulated targets are free to move and respond to a shooter’s actions, simulation offers a more realistic form of practice compared to static live-fire ranges

Take a look at what the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) had to say about the benefits of simulated training by clicking here.

The Laser Range Advantage

Simulators used by the military and law enforcement use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, so the same computers, cameras, projectors, and laser training devices used by professionals are widely available to everyone. 

Laser Range focuses on developing exceptional simulation software that can run on an affordable Windows computer. And because a specialized camera is required to detect invisible infrared light – we bundle a custom IR camera that is perfectly matched with the Laser Range software.

This means that you get many of the same advantages of firearms training simulators costing $50,000 – $100,000 for just a small fraction of the cost.

Laser Range Comes in Three Configurations

Laser Range

Includes Laser Range and Range Builder software to build your own custom courses of fire, the Laser Range camera, specialized camera filters, tripod, and case.

You provide your own Windows computer, compatible projector, and a laser training device.

Laser Range Pro

Everything in the Laser Range package PLUS Range Builder software – our advanced course creation tool for developing courses of fire with multiple, intelligent targets.

You provide your own Windows computer, compatible projector, and a laser training device.

Laser Range Complete

Everything in the Laser Range Pro package PLUS an XGA projector and laser training device (your choice of laser training gun or laser bullet kit).

You provide a Windows computer.