What is Laser Range?

Laser Range is a professional-grade firearms training simulator designed for home use. Combined with a projector, computer, and laser training weapon, Laser Range helps improve your firearms skills through frequent, intense practice while offering a number of important advantages over live-fire range training.

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How does Laser Range work?

Powerful Simulation Software

Laser Range starts with cutting-edge 3D software used to simulate targets and the environment. Click below to learn more about the software and system requirements.

Laser Range IR Camera

Laser Range comes with a high-speed USB camera capable of detecting invisible laser light from a laser training weapon. Click below to see camera features.

Compatible Projector

Laser Range projects life-sized images onto a wall or screen using a projector connected to your PC. Click below to learn more about projector requirements.

Laser Training Weapon

Laser Range detects invisible laser light from a dedicated laser training weapon or laser bullet. Click below to learn more about training weapon options.

Why is Laser Range the best way to practice?


Because you can practice anytime and virtually anywhere, you’ll train more often – and more is better.


Practice skill sets that would be impractical or dangerous using a live weapon – and downright impossible with other forms of dry fire practice.


Simulation provides a safe training environment without the safety or health concerns of a live-fire range.


Fire unlimited shots without ammunition costs, range fees, or travel expense.


On most firing ranges, the shooter and target are static. Laser Range features dynamic targets and supports shooter movement.


Laser Range includes powerful course creation software that lets you build your own courses of fire.


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