Laser Range Camera


Each Laser Range system comes with a high-speed, infrared (IR) camera, which connects to your computer with a 10 foot USB cable (included). Laser Range’s camera supports fast frame rates of 120 frames-per-second and is capable of tracking laser shots in a fraction of a second.

Infrared sensitivity allows Laser Range to see a wide range of laser light – from red lasers to invisible IR lasers. Invisible lasers are preferred for firearms training because they prevent the shooter from “walking” the laser across the screen and more accurately simulates a live-fire experience.

Compact Size

The Laser Range camera measures just 3x3x3 inches in size, so its small enough to take with you and set up virtually anywhere.

Integrated Light Filter

The Laser Range camera features an innovative lens filter system designed to remove unwanted room light and pass through only light in the specific frequency of your laser training device. This virtually eliminates false shots and allows you to set up Laser Range in rooms with a variety of lighting conditions.

Bonus Tripod Included

Your Laser Range system includes a sturdy metal tabletop tripod with a 360-degree ball head to precisely position your camera.